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Above the Clouds

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About Me

A Bit About Me

In High School I was that weird kid who initiated intense discussion about the books she was reading (then it was Sci-fi, pop psychology, and metaphysics), turns out I’m still that kid. In my twenties, I was already huddling with like-minded souls, either contemplating the nature of reality or giggling madly over word-play or bad puns. Apparently, I’m still her as well.​

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The Answers Are Within:
Inner Communication Through Divination

A brief survey of some of the most popular forms of divination; intending to provoke curiosity as to these methods of self-discovery and illumination. Chiron O'Keefe takes a holistic approach to the many mechanisms of tapping the subconscious for insight into underlying motivation, direction, and intent while acknowleging that you are always your best counsel. This book may be considered a "lost" chapter to Chiron's most recent work "An Emerging Soul’s Guide to Awareness: Seth, Mysticism, and The Journey of Life."


An Emerging Soul's Guide to Awareness

What is the purpose of our physical existence… and what happens after this life ends?

How can I incorporate awareness, compassion, and a sense of purpose within my daily life?

I sense there is more to “me” and to life itself. How do I uncover a more comprehensive understanding of my Self, along with a better understanding of what life reflects back to me?

These are the questions that drove a curious teenager to seek understanding and deeper meaning, birthing a lifelong exploration into metaphysics, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, and dreams. An Emerging Soul’s Guide to Awareness: Seth, Mysticism, and The Journey of Life addresses this impassioned yearning to understand the strange, marvelous reality we inhabit. Chiron O’Keefe recounts her own developmental adventures, revealing dream experiences, and psychic connections, while delving into metaphysical topics that are bound to spark insights and ignite a hunger to know more.

Chiron shares a studied understanding of topics introduced by Seth, the energy personality essence channeled by the brilliant author and poet, Jane Roberts. Explanations and real-life examples breathe new life into these weighty topics;each chapter prompts insights, making them accessible and entertaining. The ideas brought to life by the author can and will transform your understanding of your place in the universe.

Understanding that the reality we create has purpose and meaning beyond our current physical existence liberates us.


My eBooks and Paperbacks are all available NOW on Amazon*. Click the appropriate icon to be taken to its Amazon order page.

"A stumbling block becomes a stepping stone when we focus on our vision instead of our fears."

- Chiron O'Keefe

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