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About Me

A Bit About Me

In High School I was that weird kid who initiated intense discussion about the books she was reading (then it was Sci-fi, pop psychology, and metaphysics), turns out I’m still that kid. In my twenties, I was already huddling with like-minded souls, either contemplating the nature of reality or giggling madly over word-play or bad puns. Apparently, I’m still her as well.​

Bravely You, Bravely Me

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This book required time and patience to bring to fruition. It started as a series of essays written in response to heartfelt questions raised by friends, and by my own personal self-esteem issues which I struggled to understand and overcome. My first editor suggested fleshing out the writing as a personal memoir to provide structure and flow to the collection. In time, I added select poems that resonated as the book evolved.


The eBook and Paperback are both available NOW on Amazon*. Click the appropriate icon below to be taken to its Amazon order page.


"A stumbling block becomes a stepping stone when we focus on our vision instead of our fears."

- Chiron O'Keefe

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