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Blending wisdom garnered through personal experience with the application of practical exercises, Bravely You, Bravely Me: Being You Without Apology, provides a unique and feasible approach to healing past trauma and moving into an authentic sense of self. 

At the impressionable age of three, Chiron O’Keefe endured the heartbreaking tragedy of her father’s sudden death followed by an inconceivable rejection by her grief-stricken mother. Shipped off to grandparents three thousand miles away, it would be close to a year before she and her siblings would be allowed to return home. She returned to a childhood of constant upheaval—an angry mother whose restlessness resulted in moving every few months, along with an abusive stepfather who turned daydreams into nightmares. 

This spawned a burning desire to create a sense of home within herself. Her quest to understand led to a lifelong journey of self-discovery and self-healing. 

Piecing together the fragments of self-esteem shattered by circumstance required deeper comprehension. The yearning to be her own hero required delving into the purpose of life, and grasping the reasons for the challenges we face. Integrating psychological insight with spiritual understanding, Chiron weaves together a system of belief that inspires - opening a doorway to a life of authenticity and purpose. 

Owning your story allows you to rewrite your script and discover the courage and strength to become your own hero, to be… Bravely You.

Bravely Chapt 29 2 wordcloud.jpg

Wordcloud made from Chapter 29

My book went "live" on on August 9th 2019. Although no copies had been delivered to purchasers during the two week pre-order period, and therefore, no reviews had yet been posted, I was ecstatic to see that Bravely You, Bravely Me had made it into Amazon's bestseller lists in several categories. Amazon has more than 2.5 million titles available! Check out the screenshot taken (below) just before the ebook and Paperback went live. Yay!!

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 3.38.41 AM.png

Autumn waves, cheeky and playful.

Leafy branches sway, 

inviting me to dance.

I hear the whisper of windy melodies 

hopeful and yearning.
Splatters of juicy raindrops,
compete with jovial
bursts of sunshine.

Fall sneaks in behind the lazy summer,
who yawns, stretching languidly before
softly strolling away.

- Chiron O'Keefe

"A friend is one who listens to your words but hears your heart."

- Chiron O'Keefe

Holding Hands
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