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Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

 Award-Winning Author of Non-Fiction & Children's books

Are we bound to become the people that circumstances dictate? In Bravely You, Bravely Me, Chiron O'Keefe challenges the authorship of her own selfhood, offering the reader the tantalizing idea that identity is as malleable as the language of story. How do we expect our life story to go? What happens if we decide to change the plot? The remarkable truth O'Keefe offers is that we can toss out the script and write ourselves a new one any time we choose. It really is that simple. Bravely You, Bravely Me is a wise, soulful, and compassionate reminder to look for the story each of us is composing every day, and to inhabit that creativity as a joyfully conscious creator.

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Misty Evans

 USA Today Bestselling Author

A beautiful memoir infused with self-acceptance exercises, Bravely You, Bravely Me is an inspiring and empowering trip to the Land of You. Like the Great and Powerful Oz, Ms. O’Keefe sets us on the yellow brick road of uncertainty and introspection, only to lead us into an enchanted world where we feel safe enough to draw back the curtain and meet the person running the show—our own true Self. With courage, insight, and joy, Bravely You, Bravely Me reveals we’ve always had the power to fully embrace who we are…and who we want to be.

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Irene O’Garden

 Off-Broadway playwright, Award-winning poet and author

“We’re all delicious mysteries,” writes O’Keefe. In this personal, powerful and playful book, she invites us to explore and experiment with our beliefs. With practical examples and exercises, she shows us how to release the pain and trauma we’ve endured (she herself endured plenty) and create the freer, more satisfying life we yearn for. Illuminated throughout with sensual detail, in one passage O’Keefe speaks of the metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly, calling it “a provocative summons, beckoning us towards an irrevocable transformation.” It is O’Keefe’s gift to do the same for us.

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Brittainy C. Cherry

 Amazon #1 Bestselling Author

O’Keefe writes as if she was destined to do exactly that: create with her words. Powerful. Moving. Inspiring. The reader will be fully immersed into the story she tells and they will have a hard time letting go. They become a part of the journey O’Keefe takes them on. It appears to me she found her gift in life and it’s in the written word.

Saturday, October 5th, 2019, Ima Sumac Watkins, host of the Spiritual Intelligence podcast, broadcast an interview with me. We have a link to the archived podcast that you can listen to by clicking on the audio player.


"We are the curators of our Soul and more: We are the architects of our Life Experience."

- Chiron O'Keefe

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