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At eight years of age, I was transported (the usual way--via station wagon) to a magical land called, "Valley of Enchantment." This little town nestled within the San Bernardino Mountains became my home for several years.

Behind the first house in which we lived, there was a stream winding its way through the back yard. Hours would be spent back there, crouched down as I peered with fascination at the lively stream. I'd pick up autumn leaves to place in the bubbling water, watching my makeshift boats float downstream. In time it came to me that I could carve alternate paths. I picked up a tree branch, and diligently dug into the soft soil.

My trial and error quickly taught me to begin the path where I wished the stream to end up, and then slowly create the meandering path up to the water. When all was ready, I'd dig up that last little bit of dirt and with a whoosh, the water would divert into its new course.

So it is with every new probability we create. We start where we want to end up, visualizing the outcome we crave, then wind our thoughts back to our present moment. In that case though, it's our greater focus, our "Whole Self" (that eye in the inner sky that sees the big picture) who will handle the details.

It is She who perceives the entire pathway. Our focus must be on the new outcome and we trust Her insight, for she has the perspective to map out our new avenue.

How does that inner voice guide us?

Through insight and emotional nudges. It's a skill we develop, this learning to tune into the inner voice that perceives much more than our linear self can grasp. We must follow those impulses that whisper, "Move that little rock there. Carve into the soil here and push the piles of leaves away."

In the end, it's clear that our path is an integral part of our being, and our Whole Self has the unique advantage of being able to perceive the river in its entirety, while we only see one curve at a time.

If you feel overwhelmed, pause and take a deep breath. Inhale, exhale slowly. Then reach for that inner voice. For some, it takes practice to calm the internal buzz of anxiety, so work towards patience and trust. Know that your Whole Self is listening, and She will guide you.

- Chiron O’Keefe


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