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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Perhaps there were people who've made you feel small. People whose scorn, or sly looks, or not-quite-concealed smirks directed your way demolished your self-esteem, which in turn made you doubt the brilliant gift of your Self.

Those who smirked or snarked in your direction have wounds of their own that shame them. Wounds like that often make us feel we need to be BETTER in order to be okay. It's the roots of shame-driven competition. So hurting others with their scorn or condescension is a twisted way of relieving the painful fear that they aren't "good enough.”

What's the lesson here?

To not take it personally. A hard one, I know. For it feels personal and the pain we experience can be agonizing because their rejection triggers our fears and our shames.

So what's the solution?

First, recognize that those who hurt you have done so because they too are hurting and are unable to heal themselves.

Second, realize that there are endless souls out there who will appreciate your quirks, your little spark of madness, your eccentric ways, and your delightful laugh. Offer the truth of your Being up like a bucket of authenticity and as you allow folks to quench their own thirst to Be Themselves, you'll see in the water's reflection a glimpse of how glorious a being you truly are.

Don't hold back, because there is no truer freedom than to be fully your Self. Seek out companions who share the madness, otherwise you will test your sanity again and again. There will always be folks whose forced tolerance of you is so obvious that you get mired in a refrain of "What is WRONG with me?”

Seek those who remind you of what is RIGHT with you instead.

You are a gorgeous, vibrant, daring soul. Embrace it!

--Chiron O'Keefe

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