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Sometimes it's just overwhelming. The enormity of what we long to be, in comparison to how little we believe ourselves to be.

We build up a picture in our mind of all the qualities we should possess. I can't count how many times I berated myself for blurting out something stupid, or measured myself against the paragon of compassion, wisdom, clarity, and focus that I yearned to be.

What we forget is that it all counts. Every act adds up. Every year we grow stronger, wiser, and, yes, those individual days that seem to slip past add up to something magnificent.

Somewhere there is a soul who sleeps more soundly because of something you said just when they needed to hear it most. Somewhere there is a smile and hope where despair once lurked. You matter so much in this world, and I wish more than anything to have the eloquence to help you see how vital your presence really is.

So even though it can be challenging, don't give up. Those incremental changes, those momentary acts of kindness, add sweetness to the world.

Just remember how many people have touched your life in innumerable ways, and then perhaps, you'll let yourself recognize how much you matter in this world.

Take hope and know You Matter. Allow your dreams to fuel your empowerment and let yourself evolve into who you know yourself to be.

Everybody learns, everybody grows, everybody Becomes.

Trust in your growth.

You matter.

- Chiron O’Keefe


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